Anna Danielsson for Marimekko

Anna Danielsson

‘My greatest fashion icon
Elsa Schiaparelli

The most important thing to remember when decorating a room
Take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I work best when
It’s day. I can’t work at night.

The word that best describes my design philosophy

My first memory of Marimekko
A coat my grandmother wore

The Marimekko product I use all the time
A cup for my brushes

The thing I hope to bring to Marimekko
A great passion for patterns

love to wear sunglasses when I’m tired and a big knitted scarfwhen I’m cold.

The colour that means comfort to me

The colour that means courage to me
Shocking pink

Three things I can’t live without right now
My daughter, my favourite pencil, and good weather

Three things I couldn’t live without when I was a teenager
Coffee, my friends, and a good book

My favourite escape
The bathtub

If I were not working as a designer, I would be
Working in a bookshop’

Anna Danielsson is a key designer in the Marimekko company, Danielsson’s first printed fabrics appeared in Marimekko’s 2001 spring collection.  This catapulted her into the Scandinavian printed fabric market and her designs such as Bottna, Fokus and Snar have an automatic association with the Danielsson.  The prints’ show evidence of graphic inspiration and have been included in Marimekko’s collections.  Danielsson’s patterns are contemporary and timeless, but also have an edge which catapults her designs into a broad market.

 Bottna green8-2- tsu Tsunami fabricanna danBottna black and white

I have taken a keen interest in the use of Danielsson’s positive and negative space in which she evidently considers when designing.  Although Danielsson’s designs appear to be simple, they look intricate to the eye because of the use of positive and negative space.

Although I add tone and a three dimensional effect to my designs, it is the same concept of using negative and positive and space to create an illusion or to attract the eye.

Snar Snar    Fokus

Email to Find Anna Danielsson for answers to my questionnaire about in – house print design.

Aliah Malik Textiles student, UK. Collecting research for university module from print designers

Hi Mirka, Thank you for forwarding the message, Aliah
6:45 PM

Mirka Valo []
Monday, December 17, 2012 7:11 AM

You replied on 12/17/2012 6:45 PM.

Dear Aliah,
I have forwarded your message to Anna Danielsson.
Regards, Mirka Valo
Puusepänkatu 4,
00880 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 9 758 71
Direct +358 9 758 7580

Sent Items
Saturday, December 15, 2012 12:32 PM

my name is Aliah Malik, I am a textiles student at university in Bristol, UK, I am collecting questionnaires from successful designers such as the designers you have working for your company.  I want to get in contact with Anna Danielsson as I think she has the answers i’m looking for!
Is it possible to get her email address of forward this questionnaire and my email to her?
I appreciate your time to read this, hope to hear back from you soon,
thank you,

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